Securing coverage in a national newspaper or key construction industry publication can take your company to the next level, introducing your brand to new audiences and establishing yourself as a leader in your field.

Want to achieve this? Read on to find out how…

“I’ve read New Civil Engineer for many years so when I was featured in the publication discussing the rail sector using innovative design technology, it felt a bit like a young engineer’s dream coming true,” said Asa Whitfield CEng FICE, the Managing Director of Whitfield Consulting Services.

“Morton Waters combined their knowledge of NCE and their understanding of what Whitfield brings to the rail sector to define a story that would add value to the readership.”

While there are no magic tricks involved in securing top tier coverage, extensive research and expertise goes a long way to achieving success.

Here are our top tips at Morton Waters Communications for securing coverage for your business.

Know what publications are looking for in a story

To secure coverage in your target publications, you need to be aware of what journalists are looking for in a story: content needs to be newsworthy, topical and relevant. Journalists want to hear from companies or individuals that are offering new or unique perspectives on current trends.

Take the time to research your target publications thoroughly to gain a clear understanding of the type of stories they publish and the type of content that is gaining cut through.

Think beyond press releases

While press releases are a valuable tool in PR – and are often the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about media relations  – they are only one tool in the media kit and it is important to maximise all opportunities to achieve coverage.

Step in thought leadership content! This is a powerful way to secure coverage that establishes your company as an expert in its field. Thought leadership pieces help businesses stand out from the competition by providing valuable expertise and unique perspectives on key topics within their sector. With this in mind, it is essential to ensure the content you are putting forward is accurate and factual.

Thought leadership in PR often takes the form of bylined articles, but it can also include providing expert commentary on breaking news.

It is worth researching your competitors to see the type of PR coverage they are securing and identify how you can use your specialist expertise and knowledge to stand out from them.

For more insight on how to unleash the power of thought leadership content, visit our blog here.

Plan the perfect pitch

Once you have developed your story, crafted your pitch, and identified your target journalist, it is now time to plan your approach.

Journalists receive hundreds if not thousands of pitches in their inbox per day; it is vital to ensure your pitch is succinct, with an eye-catching title and clear newsworthy angle to have a chance of getting their attention.

A follow-up phone call will then help to ensure your pitch doesn’t get buried in a busy inbox. Have a look at their social media platforms too; if your target journalist is a prolific user of X, for example, why not approach them on there too?

It is important to take the time to understand your target journalists and their communication preferences; being mindful of how and when they like to be contacted will help to build long-term, beneficial relationships.

Work with a communications agency specialising in your industry

If your PR campaigns are not achieving cut through despite your best efforts, it may be time to contact the experts.

At Morton Waters Communications, our team of PR and marketing specialists have decades of experience planning and executing PR campaigns for companies working in the built environment.

We put this expertise in action with a PR campaign for our client, Whitfield Consulting Services, which included securing thought-leadership pieces in New Civil Engineer (NCE): a top tier target publication for their business.  You can read them here:

In addition to the thought-leadership pieces in NCE, we work with the team at Whitfield Consulting Services to continue to craft stories that achieve cut through across their target publications, and also worked on an award winning submission for the NCE Awards.

To find out how we can help you, get in touch with us at or give Michelle Morton or Charlotte Waters a call on 01892 956470.