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So, you started your businesses because you’re AMAZING at what you do, TENACIOUS enough to know you could do it on your own or as a dynamic duo, and it’s going SUPER well!

You’re established… your clients love you… you turn a profit… aaand, yet, you’re kind of stuck…

  • Maybe you want to grow, but that feels scary. When is the ‘right’ time to recruit? How will I know?
  • You might find yourself saying “sometimes I don’t know what I don’t know”.  What pitfalls are ahead? You don’t seem to see things coming until there’s an angry letter or a confusing legal situation to untangle, where the jargon is enough to make you want to throw the towel in.
  • You didn’t go to business school, or take an MBA because, that’s not what you do. You’re good at the thing. But now you have to be good at loads of other things too.

Well, we get it. We are in exactly the same boat.

So, how are you meant to do it? Be IN the business and ON the business, all the time?  And who has the time to fully research and ask themselves the heavy, future gazing, strategic questions, like…

  • What’s the vision / the plan / the strategy?… for the next year / 3 years / 5 years?
  • What the exit strategy? What are my options? If I don’t know my options how will I even know which one to choose?
  • To scale or not to scale, that is the question.. what are the implications?
  • Am I fully aligned with my business partner?
  • Also, what is it with networking events? How do you meet someone one day and recommend them the next?

We stumbled into these hurdles and, in our search to find guidance and support, we thought we’re likely not alone. We want to create a safe space to dream, learn and make meaningful connections. We didn’t see anything like this out there, so – working in partnership with Amelia Saberwal, CPCC at Kinesthetica Coaching – we are going to go ahead and create it!

We’re proposing the fusion of business planning (vision and projection), business masterclasses (scaling tipping points, financial modelling, legal and HR must haves), peer learning and no cringe networking. Instead we’re looking to form a strong network of business leaders/owners who become your accountability partners as you work through your bumps in the road, and support them through theirs. Stronger together.

And we need your help to curate the pilot.

Please take this short survey and tell us, if you were to give yourself a weekend out of the weeds at work and distractions of home life, to fully commit some head space purely to the business, what would you prioritise / want to learn / need to get out of the time?