Project Description

Tony Hill, Managing Director of Eden Facades – a highly respected facade solutions company delivering high-quality work for contractors and developers across London and the South East – talks about his Morton Waters experience…

Why did you need a marketing agency?

Primarily we have three offerings of work that we provide — and most of our existing customers only knew us for one or two. We provide cladding, rendering and framing — but, for example, some clients only knew us as a rendering company. So, our first requirement was that we needed to get the word out – that we do all three areas of work – to sell more to our existing client base.

Why did you choose us?

We had a business coach, and working with them raised the question: ‘Why are you only known as a small rendering company when the service you are providing is so much more than that?’. The answer was: ‘We don’t have time to go and shout from the rooftops’.

So they suggested we get someone to shout from the rooftops for us.

They showed us what we needed from an agency and introduced us to Morton Waters. We met with the team, liked what they had to say and that they were knowledgeable about the sector, and we got underway in July 2019.

What, practically, do we do for you?

Everything! Social media profile improvements, content strategy, to content creation, account management, website content and updates, brochures … you run our entire PR and marketing. Our LinkedIn accounts… Our Twitter account… You basically look after everything.

Most importantly, for me, is you write excellent copy that represents us well. I don’t have time to write content, and writing bores me to tears. It’s not what I do. I’m good at what I do and you’re good at what you do!

What have the results of working with us been?

You’ve played an integral role in growing our business. We started working together in 2019, and since then the number of new visitors to our website has doubled, our social traffic was 3.69% and now it’s 11%, and our LinkedIn followers have shot up from 500 to nearly 4,500. Our bi-monthly newsletter is consistently opened by some of our key clients, which we know helps to keep us front of mind when it comes to winning new work.

Those great numbers all mean more opportunities. Since we’ve been engaged with Morton Waters we’ve quoted for and won much larger projects.

Has working with us achieved what you wanted?

Yes. And more. I guess no-one really knows the effect marketing will have — especially me as a builder and manager. You can look at other companies that have invested in marketing and think ‘Wow. Look at how well they’re doing’ — but you never really know the business impact until you try it. But our social reach has increased, our website reach has increased, our newsletter reach has increased – so we’re growing our target audience, keeping top of mind and ensuring that there is no reason for anyone to have an outdated view of our capabilities.

Our reach outside our own channels has also increased. We’ve been featured in magazines and on sites — including thought leadership pieces on ‘health and safety’ in Construction Update and an article about ‘compliance and accreditation’ on RCI Mag online. It’s flattering to be featured but, more importantly, this coverage brings us business.

Our company is growing faster than we expected. We’re getting a lot more enquiries for bigger projects – so much so we need to recruit more people to handle the calls!  Nice problems to have.

So, if someone asked you about working with us…

I’d recommend you. You’re all really nice people and very knowledgeable. Everyone definitely knows their stuff. And you’re not at all condescending: you explain things in nice simple English and never baffle us with marketing science.

I always knew Eden Facades was going to be a big and growing company — but you have definitely helped us along the way. You’re a good team; you don’t baffle us with science; you come up with good ideas; and you do it all for us!

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