Project Description

Marketing to SOCOTEC Monitoring’s niche market

SOCOTEC Monitoring – formerly ITM Monitoring – works in the very niche market of geotechnical and structural monitoring. Understanding their business goals, target sectors and prospective customers is vital in ensuring that the right messages are communicated to the correct audiences in engaging ways.

Our approach

We already had a great understanding of the sector in which SOCOTEC Monitoring operate. But, to ensure that our activities continue to align with business goals, we attend company strategy days and run workshops with senior management.

A bespoke content strategy and implementation plan was devised and is updated monthly to ensure it continues to align with shifting priorities. Content is created to support the various specialist divisions.

The results

  • The number of users visiting the website has increased by 37%
  • Traffic coming to the website via the social media channels has risen by 218%
  • Time on site has increased to over 2 minutes, which is considered excellent, from 1 minute 30 seconds
  • The rate of new followers gained on LinkedIn rose more in 2 months than it did the past 2 years

“They are unique in their passion for understanding the finer details of what we do and how we do it, in order to best assist us with developing our strategy. They are quick to respond, helpful, flexible and attentive and are full of ideas and interest.” Rhiannon Scott, SOCOTEC Monitoring

Do you work in a niche sector and need some clarity on how to ensure the right messages are communicated to the correct audiences in engaging ways? Get in touch, we would love to help.