Project Description

A confident sales team results in 3 x more web traffic from LinkedIn

We undertook a project for Integrated Design Limited so that their sales team could tap into the opportunities offered by LinkedIn, opening up sales conversations and driving more web traffic.

This has resulted in a 325% increase in traffic coming to the company’s website from LinkedIn, showing that there are tangible benefits to giving your employees the skills so that they can confidently utilise social media channels.

Integrated Design Limited is a company at the forefront of the security and entrance control industry. With a retainer in place for us to create a focussed content strategy, share content and with responsibility for their other marketing activities, we recognised the need for clarity and confidence within the workforce on the use of LinkedIn – a fantastic social sales tool and, if used wisely, one of the most impactful methods of creating engagement with potential clients and key players within the industry.

Our approach

We delivered targeted LinkedIn training to the Sales Team, Senior Management and Directors of IDL. With a Sales Team representing territories across the globe, it had become clear to us that the diversity of their contacts and the reach thereof could be maximised through regular use of this brilliant marketing tool.

Armed with information regarding IDL’s key markets, customer personas, business goals and staff profiles – alongside an overview of current marketing activities including previous LinkedIn postings – we were able to deliver a half-day session tailored to IDL’s exact requirements.

Starting with an overview of the success of LinkedIn in getting brand exposure, making key connections and showing a company as the expert in its field, we went on to cover creation of a professional presence including that of the perfect profile to exemplify expertise and credibility, finding and connecting with connections, as well as restricting harmful connections, and building and retaining strong relationships. Both company and personal profiles were examined, and discussion took place around encouraging involvement of all staff members in the appropriate use of LinkedIn.

Goal setting and role definition within the training group allowed attendees to find integration of their own individual goals with those of the company, and our marketing objectives. We were able to identify and instruct on the ways of moving connections through the pipeline to achieve measurable results – from messaging sequences to generating leads, on to building an external database and creating traffic to IDL’s website.

Following the training, we created a strategy for the team to refer to, so that they can be confident with sharing information externally and engaging with people through the app.  This strategy covered key messages, image guidance, best practice and expectations so that everyone is clear what the objectives are, and can feel comfortable carrying them out.

The results

With additional support available to IDL attendees following the training, we were pleased to note the success of the training was commensurate with the goal – an increase in activity, with team members feeling more confident to share content and post on LinkedIn. Additionally, an increase in traffic to the website via social channels was recorded, with traffic from LinkedIn increasing by 325% compared to the previous period.

Shane Naish, Operations Director for IDL, said of the training:

“An informative and well-structured session gave us all insights into the correct and effective use of LinkedIn. The team went away feeling confident about using it is a tool and knowing we had support if needed.  As everyone’s confidence grows further, we expect to see even greater benefits in extending our reach and supporting our marketing objectives.”

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