Project Description

Content marketing delivers seven years YoY growth for Fastlane Turnstiles

If there’s a measure for content success, it probably should be when your client’s competitor emails them to say he liked a piece on their website!

But, best of all is when, within an hour of a newsletter being sent out, a prospective customer reaches out directly to the client to get a quote for a new project.

Having worked with Integrated Design Limited for two years through a previous employer, we were thrilled to be approached by them when we set up Morton Waters, to pitch for providing content marketing strategy and implementation and broad marketing support.

The challenge

Once we were appointed – and began working with IDL again after a one year break – our main challenge was to improve engagement with the Fastlane turnstiles website, which had experienced a significant fall in users, pages viewed and time spent on site. Our first task was to devise a content strategy that would restore interest in the website, keeping existing users coming back for more and appealing to new visitors alike.

Our approach

Working closely with IDL’s Major Accounts & Marketing Manager and the sales team, we translate the often technical and complicated sales messages into compelling content and deliver this through marketing activities such as PR, email marketing, social media, website development, print collateral and exhibitions. This content is designed to engage with buyers at various stages of the sales cycle, helping to move unaware prospects through to loyal customers.

The results

If we look at the analytics and compare the activities and engagement on the Fastlane Turnstiles website before we began working with them again, to now, the results are:

  • Increased the time spent looking at the blog posts by nearly 520% on average, with people spending around 3:15 minutes on site
  • Over 24% increase in page views across the site
  • 19% increase in acquisition via organic search, showing how the content keyword strategy is improving the visibility of the site

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