My name is Charlotte. I started at Morton Waters in May 2022 as a Digital Marketing Apprentice. My family is business orientated and growing up I found myself always listening to their conversations. From a young age, I quickly realised I was interested in commerce and marketing, so when job searching, it seemed like this career path was a natural choice for me.

Valuable experience

Starting in marketing can be daunting, but I was lucky that Morton Waters was looking for someone to take on and train. The company said they saw talent in me, and that really boosted my confidence in what can be a dynamic, demanding occupation.

I studied Business at GCSE level before going to college to study Business & Economics. Reading about different learning approaches, the idea of contextualised, on-the-job training appealed to me. Morton Waters was accommodating in allowing me time to study during the week whilst getting incredibly valuable hands-on experience as a Marketing Executive.

What I’ve been doing here

Since joining, I’ve been working with four key clients. You’ll find me writing social posts, creating images, updating newsletters, blogs, and analysing web traffic data. I like to push myself forward to be of service in many facets of marketing. That way, I can jump in and contribute in more than one activity.

LinkedIn connection research, social monitoring, and administration of client accounts – it’s very much a digital era. However, I believe the fundamentals haven’t changed much. The cornerstone of marketing seems – apropos my studies – to be constant. How can we best engage and interact with the people who want a service or product?

I can imagine that marketing has existed since the first person set up a stall selling bread. It wouldn’t have been long before he or she thought about how best to understand their customer. Theories and terminology have changed, of course.

The team at Morton Waters have really welcomed me, and I must say I’ve learned a lot from the people there.

Skills for the future

Now that I’ve been given the responsibility of speaking directly with clients, my role is solidifying, and I am getting a fantastic and challenging grounding in B2B marketing. I’m firing on all cylinders in building up a robust portfolio and passing my assignments.

On the horizon is a new module focusing on coding, followed by the final examinations I must pass to finish my apprenticeship. Working at this firm has significantly helped me with my marketing course; real-life experience is indispensable.

I look forward to continuing as a valued member of the Morton Waters team, building up my skills even further, and taking on whatever challenges come my way. This company is so proactive in investing in people. I’m grateful for the support I’ve received, and I’m excited about the hard work we’ll continue to do in the future.

And, when not at work or studying…

Since the age of eight, I have been studying and practicing Shotokan Karate. Both my parents – and my twin brother – study it too, and my parents are both 6th Dan instructors with their own association connected to the EKF.

During my ten years in karate, I have achieved my first Dan black belt, been selected to represent and compete with the England team, and been placed first in both regional and national Karate championships.

I have also been chosen to compete in the European and World Championships in 2023, having placed third in the Commonwealth Games 2022.

I often help to teach the younger students too, and I am currently working towards my Young Leaders Bronze Award for teaching.

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