When you’re from an engineering background, social media may not feel like your natural environment, and the idea of spending a lot of time there maybe doesn’t seem like a good use of your time. So, you may have a degree of scepticism about whether or not it’s worth the effort and investment.

Tl;dr – social is worth it, even in B2B

We’ve got the evidence, so let us convince you.

And once you’re convinced, we can either do the posting for you at both an individual and organisational level, or we can train you how to do it yourself to best effect.

So why do we think you should make more of your social media channels …..

Social posts win projects

Yep, we’re going in hard and fast.

It’s a truth, social posts can win you projects with people you’ve never worked with before. We’ve seen it happen time and time again.

It can seem impossible that your long buying process can be circumvented by a LinkedIn post, but it can if it’s the magical combo of right message: right person: right time.

And we’re talking low volume, high cost projects here as well as smaller ones.

The key is knowing who needs to hear what from who within your organisation, but let’s not get too distracted into customer research (but you can find out more here if your interest is piqued!)

Increase visibility

Share more on social, get more website traffic.

We have the evidence. In one recent case, 455% more.

Share less on social, get less traffic.

We have the evidence for that too.

Using the right hashtags, relevant content and getting your extended team involved in engaging with posts and sharing web content – all these will drive more traffic to your website.

Whether or not you gate content there, have lead tracking installed or have a newsletter sign-up so that you can capture them for follow-up so you can take some action, well that’s a second date discussion. Give us a call if interested.

Social gives insights

Participation in these channels gives your prospects an insight into your world before they have to make the leap to contact you.

Your posts will be providing evidence of your brand, way beyond anything a tagline can ever hope to achieve.

If your tagline is ‘engaged, honest, innovative’ and your posts are providing evidence of these claims through sharing reasons why – for example, approaches were adapted, how teams are staying connected even when working remotely, or how the company has just adopted new data storage methods – you can see how a prospect is more likely to connect with the values than just the tagline in an email signature.

Considering individual profiles alongside company profiles opens this up even further. Not saying that LinkedIn posts should be confused with Facebook cat sharing posts, but that an individual can talk more personally about their work, their experiences, their interests – making them more human and therefore more interesting to other humans.

Social proof can be a clincher

Social gives your customers and partners a public voice.

Yes that can be terrifying but, in reality, most other people working in B2B companies aren’t looking to publicly flog someone. If they had a slight grumble, they wouldn’t use their own personal professional platform to raise it.

Think of the positives instead. If you’re an established company you’d expect to have a bank of happy customers and you can use your social channels to share your experiences through case studies and testimonials, ideally linking in the provider so they can provide further support.

And that kind of visibility builds trust with prospects.

Build your brand

We’ve already mentioned the capability to evidence the values of the company, but it also provides visual branding opportunities.

Taking advantage of these opportunities will support the documentation you are sending directly to prospects. It will contribute to the feeling that they know the company already.

Creating brand kits in apps like Canva means that consistency is easy to maintain, keeping brand colours, logo use and font selection from being watered down.

Choice of imagery is also a consideration in brand building, with attention to be paid to ensuring that the images are sourced correctly, credited where necessary and with the appropriate content to prevent issues or miscommunications.

Shall we go on?

We know social is worth it, and with support starting from £550 per month, you can have these benefits and more.