2020 has been tough, and that’s a huge understatement for many.

If, like many businesses, you’ve seen a drop in required activities through reduced customers, projects being put on hold or new business cancelled etc etc, then we’ve got some guidance on how to whip your marketing into shape to allow you to tackle 2021 with gusto.

We want to help company directors who want to make the most of their company in the coming year. We want to support you with getting your marketing in place so that you’re in a strong position to ramp up again next year, when a degree of normality resumes.

2021 marketing tactics morton waters

Believe us, we know how tough it is to keep going when it feels like all your hard work of recent months and years is now all hanging in the air. But, our approach is to square our shoulders, take a deep breath and see what can be done right now to shore up again for the future. Because, let’s face it, what’s the alternative really?!

So, to ease in gently, we’ve created a Marketing MOT. And to support this, we’re offering a FREE ‘Power Hour’ to look at one of the areas with you and set you up with some activities to put into place.

No catch. Truly.

We just wanted to show our support for fellow company directors who might be feeling very frustrated at the moment.

In essence, the MOT is a checklist for you to see what opportunities are open to you.

It occurred to us that it could be a bit like the wild west when we are all ‘back to normal’ as so many people’s working lives have been disrupted that they might be thinking now is a good time to start something new.

So, now is the time to put the elements in place to build customer trust by showing your experience and solidity.

Download the Marketing MOT by clicking the image on the right and work your way through the list, checking off any that you know are already in place and ticking along nicely, and identifying any that either aren’t yet in place, or you don’t know what they are.

Then drop me an email, charlotte@mortonwaters.com and we can book in an hour of free advice and support to get you underway.