Morton Waters began in 2016 with a ‘how hard can it be?’ attitude… a recession, Brexit and Coronavirus have stretched that somewhat gung-ho attitude almost as far as possible, but here we are, growing despite these challenges. So something must be working.

We think we might have some clues as to why

Why work with us

We don’t stand on the sidelines.

We are proactive and interested in what will make your company more successful, and how marketing communications can help you achieve that. As an agency, we have each other’s backs, and we’ll do the same for you if you work with us.

We strive to provide the best client service possible.

It drives us mad when we work with agency partners who don’t ring back, don’t choose to resolve mistakes quickly and generally don’t seem overly bothered about working to satisfy us as a client. So, we work hard to ensure that no-one has that opinion of us.

You will get 100% honesty from us.

We don’t pretend to offer services we’re outsourcing, from encouragement to constructive criticism, you can count on us to be clear and truthful.


We make it our business to take care of our clients’ businesses. We measure our success by theirs – and we won’t be satisfied until they are.

Take a look at our Clutch reviews to see how that’s working out

Our Promise To You


Strategic, creative campaigns with evidence-based actions to achieve your objectives.


We protect your reputation with our experience, industry knowledge and commercial understanding.


We love a plan! Leaving nothing to chance, we hit our deadlines and our deliverables.


Our clients do great things to improve people’s lives and that sparks us to do great things too.

Talk to us

the team


We approach our work professionally but we do like a laugh – work should be as fun as it is challenging. We are pretty keen on fun outside of work, if you saw our CVs you’d see some pretty extreme hobbies listed under ‘other information’.

Want to join us?

Two decades of strategic communications experience at some of the UK’s biggest agencies running behaviour-changing campaigns for brands such as Twix, Tomy Toys, Flora, Unilever, Panasonic and Fastlane Turnstiles.

Charlotte Waters

Head of Strategy

Michelle has extensive global campaign experience across a range of industries, including travel and leisure, food and drink, security, engineering and technology. A rare combination of super-organised and creative.

Michelle Morton

Head of Operations

A background in digital publishing, with years of experience developing and implementing marketing strategies across a variety of clients and projects.

Nicole Denny

Account Director

Bethany has a background in social media, analytics and digital marketing strategy. Informed by a results driven mindset, she creates content across multiple platforms, including newsletters, infographics, promotional posts and copy for marketing materials.

Bethany Pettifor

Account Executive

Perfectly Located


Our head office is located in the beautiful Sussex countryside, but we also have a hub at London Bridge.

So whether you prefer the leafy suburbs or city life, we have a place to meet. Looking after clients all over the UK, there are clearly many digital solutions but we’re also happy to travel to you.